Weeks 2 and 3

Sorry for being so quiet, weeks 2 and 3 disappeared in a blur of training and work, oh and a migraine type thing involving pretty coloured flashing lights!


Fortunately I stuck to my training plan but I have been suffering with a tight knee. Think it's a tight quad so I've been doing LOADS of foam rolling...ouch 😖

Week 2 no flies swallowed so a definite improvement on week 1 🤣

Week 3 TNT lorry created havoc on a small village lane when I was attempting intervals (badly, lame ducks run faster 🦆)(I'm in trouble with my partner for calling myself a lame duck!!)

Is anyone actually reading this dull, sleep inducing nonsense? Any advise on making this blog interesting? Please help!!! I utterly hate writing about myself 😔 Oh I know...pic of my dinner and my dog 😃

Anyway...did a bit of running, if anyone wants to know about it message me and I'll keep this blog going 👍

Coming up for week 4...30 mile run on Salisbury Plain doing a reece of the route

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