Week 1 of Training Completed!

A rather warm week for running but all runs completed for week 1 of my training plan!

Overall I'm pretty happy with the how the week went. It was super hot and only the first week but it ended with me feeling positive and looking forward to week 2. I did manage to gain a few nettle stings and swallowed a small fly! It's all good fun though. This week consisted of:

Day 1...7 miles easy pace run

Easy paced runs are to designed to

literally build time on your feet. The

pace should be high enough to raise

you heart rate but slow enough that

you can hold a conversation and

enjoy it

Day 2...58 minute cardio workout. Any exercise which raises your heart rate will do for this, it doesn't have to involve lycra and a gym. This week I dug a hole for a new pond my boyfriend and I are putting into our garden. It was hard work particularly in that heat!

Day 3...2 miles easy pace, 2 miles

tempo and 1 mile cool down run.

A tempo run is running at a faster

pace you could maintain for 45-60

minutes. The idea being to build

up your body's ability to run faster

for longer

Day 4...3 miles easy pace

Day 5...Pilates, it's important to take

take to stretch when training for a

race. Plus it felt really good!

Day 6 & 7 Rest

I put collection pot for Berkshire MS Therapy Centre out at work events and one gentleman put a very generous £10 note in, another lady emptied her loose change into it. It doesn't matter how much anyone donates, every penny really does make a difference to people living with MS.

If anyone has any questions about my training or the charity please drop me a message via the contact us tab and I'll do my best to answer in my next blog. To donate to my fundraising page please visit

A rather hot post run selfie from Day 1's 7 mile run

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