Fundraising for Berkshire Multiple Scleroses Therapy Centre!

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Why am I raising money for Berkshire Multiple Scleroses Therapy Centre?

My mum’s best friend died of MS. Diagnosed when she was just a teenager back in the 60’s treatments weren’t available as they are today and I don’t want to see anyone else suffer the way she had to; bedridden and unable to do a thing for herself. I have 3 friends with MS but thanks to modern day treatments they are able to actually live their lives and what’s more they get to be active members of their family’s lives.

There is still no cure for MS but Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, the charity I’m raising funds for have over 30 years’ experience working with sufferers from Berkshire and the surrounding areas to help them make the most out of life. They offer a wide range of treatments including physiotherapy, exercise classes, oxygen treatment and counselling.

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When I visited the centre I was amazed at the positive attitude coming from the people who suffer with this potentially debilitating illness, they get so much out of the treatments on offer and know there is hope but it costs over £400,000.00 per year to keep the centre going. The centre believe “The support should be given based on need rather than the ability to pay. However, we can only continue our work with the generosity of people who use our centre and our supporters. We would never turn away anyone with MS who needs our help”

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